End-to-End IoT App Development

Our proven process gets your biggest projects fully operational, on time and on budget. We deliver high-quality IoT applications by combining best-in-class web and embedded technologies with battle-tested security protocols, over-the-air firmware updates, and extensible code.

From Hardware to the Cloud


IoT App Development

Let's your IoT project with bespoke software engineering services. IoT is a network of interrelated devices, sensors and objects that are able to interact with each other and exchange huge set of data over the internet. The Internet of Things can help businesses increase efficiency, improve health/safety, and create better consumer experiences.


Device Management

Device management refers to the whole process of hardware and software support of IoT solutions, such as authentication, controlling, monitoring, adjusting and maintaining IoT applications and hardware.


Cloud IoT Platform Integration

IoT applications mostly involves a significant number of connected devices, that generate a large number of data. Embedding cloud computing allow to save, store and share data smoothly across the globe.


IoT - Analytics

IoT Dashboards with embedded analytics is a new way to analyze data and then visualize it on the dashboard. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, users can remotely monitor assets and operational processes without much effort. IoT dashboards are filled with graphs, charts, maps and tables, that help to visualize and display all the data received from IoT devices on a display of a computer or a mobile device. This allows users to understand complex information more easily. It give you advantage of Effective monitoring of physical assets, RealTime decision making, Uncovering New Opportunity and many more.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Our expertise provide Industrial IoT Solution to streamline your business process with improving productivity. Our solution will share information machine-machine, machine-human, machine-to-cloud and we will process that data to provide you multiple analytics report for business. We provide timeline features to notify you if any of unwanted action occurred in system or machine, you will be notified.

  • Predict failures and eliminate downtime of the mission-critical assets.
  • Complex Factory Automation
  • Remote Monitoring & Quality Checks
  • Track Manufacturing Equipment with IoT Sensors
  • Smart Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Smart Warehouse Management System
  • Custom Web and Mobile Apps for Analytics

Consumer IoT Development

Our expertise turn your product to IoT product, reinvent their functionality and boost the customer experience and higher retention ratio. Let's say Connected Cars experience, you car component transmit data to cloud/server and owner will receive/manage all information, if any components/parts required then simply order from there and many more features.

  • Connected Cars
  • Smart homes
  • Wearable devices

Smart Cities Solutions

KPITENG expertise in IoT, Cloud Computing, Location-Base Services and Data Analytics to deliver bespoke software solutions that transform cities more comfortable, sustainable and more secure. We help city administrations by providing IoT solutions, allowing for cost effective management of city operations and come up with visible improvement to people’s lives.

  • Digital Parking & Smart Traffic Systems
  • Meter Readings & Other Utilities
  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Facilities Management
  • Waste Management
  • Public Safety

Healthcare IoT

We provide bespoke and smart healthcare solutions using IoT and other technologies like custom iOS and Android app development, AR-VR, AI-ML, wearables, etc. Our HIPAA compliant IoT applications for healthcare offer easy determination, analyse and securely transmit data to cloud, doctors & your nearest.

  • Hospital Mobility Solutions
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Connected and Smart Hospital
  • Hospital asset tracking
  • AL-ML Driven Health Diagnosis
  • IoT for Health Insurance Companies
  • Apps for Medical IoT Devices


Our expertise deliver wide rangel of wearables solution with IoT devices like Smart Watches, Fitness Tracker, Healthcare Belts and many more. Smarts wearable trasmit data to mobile & server to keep you update in all over devices.

  • Smart Watches
  • Fintess Trackers
  • Healthcare Belts

IoT Solutions for Automotive

With the help of Bluetooth powered devices, GPS, Geofencing and IoT technology, we develop and deliver Connected Car solutions. It helps in gathering real-time data about the vehicle, location and other details that are used to process various business applications. IoT Solutions for the automotive industry can be perfect blend of onboard sensors, custom mobile app, cloud storage along with the technology used to fetch data.

  • Smart Vehicle Parking
  • Predictive Vehicle Maintenance
  • Remote Vehicle Monitoring
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Solution
  • Driving Behaviour Monitoring & Safety
  • Smart Fleet Management System
  • Smart Transportation & Logistics
  • School Bus Tracking

IoT Solutions for Retail

Experience in providing IT solution for retail businesses. We help retail business to optimise payment processing, supply chain management with world-in-class IoT solutions. Our proposed smart retain solutions can guarantee improved and optimum customer experience that will boost customer retention and loyalty.

  • Smart Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Mirror for Virtual Try-on
  • Smart Shelves
  • Smart POS
  • Smart NFC based Payments
  • BLE based Proximity Marketing
  • Smart Delivery Management
  • Inventory & Warehouse Automation

Smart Home Automation

We deliver ultimate in-home living and lifestyle experiences leveraging IoT technology applications. Smart Home Automation solutions offered by us are proven, customer-centric and completely bespoke given various needs of our clients. We offer home automation solutions with iOS & Android app development to control and monitor switches, door contact, motion & light sensors, Garage Lights, Security Camera, Smart locks and many more.

  • Home Security Management
  • Manage Home Appliances with IoT based Mobile Apps
  • Measure & control Home Environment with IoT Sensors
  • Parking Management
  • Execute Personalised Schedule
  • Control Home Access
  • Energy Saving & Optimization

Smart Energy Management

We help businesses save 30% on energy costs with our smart energy management solutions. With a mixture of IoT sensors, AI-ML technology and Big Data, businesses can get important insights on saving energy consumption and increase overall energy efficiency. Our IoT solutions for energy management help businesses in waste source identification and reduce carbon footprints with improved predictive energy optimization.

  • Smart Meter Systems
  • Data Analytics
  • Remote Energy Equipment Monitoring
  • Predictive Energy Optimisation


Bluetooth and BLE
Celluar 3G, 4G and 5G



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