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Digital Transformation

In a short duration we get title of Leading Digital Product Development Agency by delivering exquisite digital solutions to our customers. We develop digital solution for your business future also transform your existing business into digital experience with next-gen technologies and finest quality.


Hire a global top 5% developer Or make it a team

Our team becomes an extension of your team, and we’ll use our hands-on experience to be true partners on your product development journey.

  • Complete development ecosystem at your service
  • Experienced developer team that deliver top-in-class code
  • Expert in communication
  • Quick understanding & proactive work approach
  • Complete control over their work
  • Technology and HR ecosystem to support at all levels
  • Agile development methodology



Hire dedicated developer

Hire a globle top 5% developer for you concept. Starting from concept to end delivery we work very closely, target focus on Quality and Planned Timeframe for launch of Project.



Come up with concept, our Project Workshop process go insights in your concept, analyze target customer, competitors and plan out unique key featuers and translate ideas into well versed Customer Experience.


Mobile Application

We are developing iOS, Android, ReactNative apps for your concept. Focus on quality and future perspectie we are using next-gen architecture and tools & technology for long lasting upgradation support.


Web Development

We are developing creative website for your business front, we are preferring ReactJS, VueJS a single page web application with mobile responsive.


Cloud & DevOps

We are excellent in integrating Cloud services for your central and faster access of data. Using DevOps services you can get contineous developement/deployment experience.



With the diversification of technology, we are providing IoT solution for Smart Home Ecosystem, Healthcare, Engineering, Constructions, Smart Retail and custom IoT Solution with any connected devices.



Harness the power of Data Science technology, we are helping to boost your business by providing bespoke solutions in AI & ML like, Custom chat bots, Predictive data analytic, Secure bio metric authentication and many more.


Quality Assurance & Testing

We are belive in Quality, we are doing manual, automated, UI/UX, security, performance, API testing that allow new experience to our customers.


Digital Marketing

We are leading in building brand and introduce your concept to n - number of customers. Our effective marketting strategy increase your customers, sales, performance and help you win.

Industry We Serve


E-Commerce & Shopping

Providing customize E-Commerce solution for web and mobile like, Amazon, Flipkart. Providing integration support of Shopify and Magento store with payment gateway like Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.


Heathcare & Fitness

Develope mobiles and web App that exchange secure data with Health Care consultant. Real-time consultantation, in-app appointment booking, medicine ordering, health-records tracking and sharing. Also supporting integraiton of Healthcare devices like Fitbit, iHealths devices that save/share information to your health apps.


Banking, Finance & Insurance

Providing secure Fintech solution that send/receive amount in single click. Expertise in wallate integration like RazorPay, various payment gateways like Strip, Paypal.



Providing bespoke solution for Education with key features like, live class/session, real-time streaming, video calling with presence, in-app books/video/audio tutorial and many more.


Logistics & Distribution

Delivered mobile and web solution to logistric industry with key features like, Hassle-free driver onboarding, Background verification, Assign Task, Real-time tracking, Task summary, Quick payment transfer, etc.


Social Networking

We are providing mobile and web solutions to Clubs, Community, Dating App, Cherity and Foundation with key feature like connect with friends, socials, create a group, create post, send/receive message, real-time chat, notification, setup profile/view someone profile, send connect request etc.


Real Estate

Providing web and mobile solution to various domain like, In Construction field - supervisor can capture the scene, mark it and assign tasks to workers abd track status in real-time status of each. In Find Homes solution - allow users to search home, another side other uses who own house can share home on rent, also brokers can add property and providing steamline interface to quickly find Homes.


Food & Restaurant

Order the food you crave. We are superior in deliverign real-time food ordering system by providing web and mobile interface for Users/Restaurant/Admins. Key fetures like, Quickly find food from favorite restaurant, Pickup & delivery option, long distance orders, No minimum orders, Deals & offers, Schedule & Reorders, Multiple ways for Payment, Reward yourself, Lighting fast delivery, Real-Time order tracking, Order to your doorstep, Quality ratings and review, etc.


On-Demand Services

Hightly experience in On-Demand servcies, like Taxi/Cab Booking - Uber, OLA. Food Orderting Services - Zomato, Uber Eats, Grabhub. Daily Services - Urban Clap, Troolr, etc. We are proving web and mobile interface for each user role like, User, Service Provider, Admin, Promotional Website.



Developed various solution in Media. Developed apps that allow users to record video/editing video, remove audio from videos and add own audio/music, add brand logo, add frames.



Developed solution for Sports industry, like Cricket, Golf, Football, Tennis and many more. Key features like dashboard, leaderboards, achievements, multiplayer, invite friends to play, create match and invite other players to join their game, Turn-Based gaming.



Providing customized solutions like, Created one solution that allow to create/save/transfer file to various storage provider lile GDrive, iCloud, Box, One Drive all-in-one feature.

Digital Transformation Process



IT all starts with your ideas for innnovation, We come up with our thoughts & solution with next-gen technology. Evaluate each of them and identify one for developing.


UI/UIX Design

We create high-valuable prototype based on UI Design. Our designer refine the wireframe & user stories into a visual interface. We follow our design principles: adopting a user-first approach, think about future performance, focusing on user-friendliness & engaging at every stage. Finally we create a style guide and fully designed clickable prototype.


Proof Of Concept Development

We create fully functional version of your product according to defined prototype. We use Agile and TDD approach during the development process. Cloud hosting keeps the product scalable and ensure Scalability.


Client Input & Feedback

At every sprint end, you feedback are important. With these we can adapt your application to any changes in business rules and customers input.


Product Launch

Its time to launch your Solution. We first launch at staging, after approval we will make it available for customers. We will further support you by fine-tuning the application to more effectively engage a new audience.


Product Market Fit

Once product launch for customers, It need to pass one final test market validation. We’ll set up analytics and help you to prepare a new strategy to increase the chance of success and support you in building a feedback-driven development roadmap.


Further Development

All the steps we took led us to this moment - proper, continuous development of product that has its place on the market. The goal is to make solution ultimate - the best of its kind, solving all identified problems, easy and fun to use, full of useful features. One app to rule them all.


Integration & Maintenance

We can integrate solution with your existing system while maintaining all the needed security requirements. After the product launched, it needs to be maintained. Technologies get outdated, hardware support, security threats needed to be mitigated and your solution has to be ready to meet user’s changing needs.


Digital Engineering Partnerships



What client are saying


I would like to thank to KPITENG team, they not only provide me a solution, they consult me on our requirement as per market grow & recommended trend of food business and its features that user constantly looking for in application.

Julia Tsikhanovich
CEO Urban Eats

Productive communication, capturing our requirement and provide us a new vision of business. Thanks KP.

Diana Beilhack
Director of Innovation at Creative Files

Impress with UI/UX Design, Finally launching our concepts and continue with next phase of appliaction.

Olga Semeniuk
CPO Music ly

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